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We live by our slogan „Professional. Reliable. Fair.“

Our quality


Delivering and maintaining an exceptional quality is the top priority in the manufacturing process of our products. We guarantee a high dimensional accuracy and produce in compliance with the tolerances set by OEMs. With our tempered products, an adjusted hardening process leads to an optimal relationship between tenacity and hardness, thus maximising the durability of our products. Furthermore, we apply a rigorous quality management with a 100% control rate to ensure a consistently high product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our service


We see ourselves as an all-in-one partner for our customers. This holistic approach has numerous advantages, e.g. minimizing procurement efforts and having a principal contact for all demands. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of products and services as well as a dynamic inventory which customers can access just-in-time. We stand for solution-oriented customer service and find tailormade solutions together with our customers.

Our commitment and transparency


It goes without saying that our aim is to keep all delivery commitments and exceed the expectations towards us. This is why communication with our customers is always proactive and transparent, even in difficult situations. 

Our research and development


We are continuously working on further improving our products as well as expanding our offering portfolio with products and services that lie in or are directly adjacent to our core area of expertise.

Unser Team


Christiane Prinz

Founder &

Managing Director

Christiane Prinz is the founder and managing director of PRINZ Blades.


She gained extensive industry insights and technical knowledge in the machine knife and recycling industry while working at a manufacturer of scrap shear and industrial blades, as well as a leading OEM of equipment and plants for the metal industry.



Tel.:      +49 2203 9029 491


placeholder Christiane Prinz
placeholder Lukas Prinz

Lukas Prinz

Corporate Development

Lukas Prinz is responsible for corporate development at PRINZ Blades. This includes, among other things, the planning and implementation of the corporate strategy.


Prior to joining, he worked in the Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley in London. He holds a BBA in Banking and Finance from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.



Tel.:      +49 2203 9029 858


placeholder Lukas Prinz

Alexander Noper 
Warehouse, Logistics & Purchasing

​Alexander Noper is responsible for the areas of warehousing, logistics and purchasing at PRINZ Blades.


As a wholesale and foreign trade merchant with a focus on material and warehouse management, he deeply involved in of our supply chain and fulfilment processes.

Tel:         +49 2203 9029 855


placeholder Lara Gutensohn

Lara Prinz
Working Student

Lara joined PRINZ Blades as a working student in 2019 where she supports the engineering department as well as the sales back office.

Currently, she is studying Architecture as bachelor student at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.



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