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We produce scrap shear blades for stationary and mobile scrap shears. Our blades are made of high alloy tool steel and are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Our product portfolio of stationary scrap shear blades includes blades for OEMs, such as ATM, Bonfiglioli, COPEX, Danieli Henschel, Harris, Idromec, LEFORT, Leimbach, Metso Lindemann, Louritex, TAURUS, Vezzani, ZDAS etc.

Our product portfolio of mobile scrap shear blades includes blades for excavator, demolition, and alligator shears from OEMs, such as Caterpillar, Demarec (KINSHOFER), Genesis, LaBounty, Rotar, Schaefer etc.

Furthermore, we offer various other wear parts for scrap shears including blade linings, blade seats, counter-blades, adjusting pieces, strippers, plates, strips, as well as accessories.

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