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At PRINZ Blades, we combine our profound technical and industry knowledge with strategic partners to achieve a significant value add for our customers. We are further supported by industry experts in our advisory board who we can resort to in particularly complex matters.

Our strategic positioning is the basis for our holistic approach of being an all-in-one partner. We strive to be not just a simple supplier, but a reliable partner our customers can trust.

Therefore, we are happily willing to go the extra mile and would appreciate you giving us the opportunity to prove that.

Product advice

Beside great professional know-how, we have extensive technical possibilities at our disposal. This experience and the versatility of our production enable us to develop solutions that meet your specifications.

We assist you from the first contact until delivery of the finished product tailormade to your requirements.


On-site consulting

We gladly visit you at your site as well. There, we jointly analyse the respective technical challenge and subsequently prepare a customised offer.

Product life optimization

By using high alloy tool steels to produce our blades, combined with a consistently high manufacturing quality which we guarantee through a quality management with 100% control rate, we can ensure a high durability with minimum variance.

This offers a reliable predictability of demand and leads to efficient processes both for our customers and us.

Additionally, the very high dimensional accuracy of our blades allows for a quick installation and removal as well as an optimal interaction in the machine under stress.

With prompt just-in-time deliveries of our products, we enable our customers to significantly decrease their inventories as well as optimize the idle time of their machine.


We offer the service of welding your blades in order to use all four edges for cutting. After the welding, the blades again have a plane surface so that all settings in the machine can be adjusted as usual. 

Within a short period of time, we can arrange a pick-up of the blades, weld them and ship them back to you. Additionally, we gladly supply the any required shims.

Reparatungen & Überholungen
Equipment maintenance and repair

We will also help you with the repair, maintenance, or complete revision of your recycling machine (scrap shears, scrap balers, and shredders).

Feel free to contact us.

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